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Printing Paper

I’ve been printing the past couple of days, and it has been a comedy routine…wind, rain, and dogs have been very helpful. I usually don’t print in January because of the temperature, but when I realized that I had put most of my printed paper in my new Etsy shop, I had a big panic attack. All I could think of was needing to make more paper. We are apparently not going to have a winter here in Southeastern Virginia, so that has been helpful. Anyway, I took some photos to document this process. (more…)

My Constant Companions

I’ve been working on a new loom. It has five separate warp faces, which I can join as I work. It basically lets me design a sequence of tapestries that come off the loon as a single piece. I just love these looms. The critters in the foreground are my helpers. They are quality control, physical trainer and comedy relief and they work very hard at it.

My constant companions.

My constant companions.

About the Copper Loom

Want a loom that isn't irritating?

Don't want to waste valuable weaving, quilting, and beading time finishing a bunch of warp ends and don't want to spend silly amounts of money on the looms that are commercially available?

Want to weave with beads and tapestry (and just about anything else that floats your boat) on the same loom at the same time?

Meet the Copper Loom. Isn't she lovely?

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